Séminaire / Conférence
  • Eita Nakamura (conférencier)

Eita NAKAMURA, de l'université de Tokyo, Project Researcher au National Institute of Informatics, Japon, invité par l'équipe Représentations Musicales - MuTant, présente en anglais :
"Stochastic modeling of arbitrary repeats and skips in music performances and score following"

Score following and automatic accompaniment are useful in music practices and rehearsals as well as in concert-like situations and live electronic performances. In practicing music, performers often make repeats and skips in addition to various types of mistakes. Allowing arbitrary repeats and skips in score following creates new possibilities in its use and problems in computational modeling of performances. Here we present a computationally efficient stochastic model of performances with mistakes, arbitrary repeats and skips. We also discuss how to model performers' tendencies in repeats and skips, and theoretical calculations of how quickly one can follow repeats and skips. If time allows, I will talk about modeling ornaments and other indeterminacies in performances, and other related issues.