• Benoît Martin (réalisation)
  • Marion Stoufflet (auteur)
  • Laurent Poitrenaux (comédien)
  • Ludovic Lagarde (metteur en scène de théâtre)
  • Olivier Cadiot (auteur du texte)

"Magician nonetheless, it's not so bad, I have the gift of moving."
Ten years after the premiere of Colonel des Zouaves, the beginnings of a collaborative effort between Cadiot/Lagarde and IRCAM. Today, how can the "transports" of this new witch be made perceptible, how can we blow up the unit and not the scene? Vocal transformations in real-time, spatialization, scale changes—in space and time, becoming molecular or geographic, from quark to Google Earth, the voice of Proust to that of Robison...

Images d'une œuvre n° 9 : Un Mage en été d'Olivier Cadiot et de Ludovic Lagarde

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