• John MacCallum (conférencier)
  • Teoma Naccarato (conférencier)
  • Bekah Edie (danse)

Exit Seminar :
John MacCallum, composition & Teoma Naccarato, chorégraphie
avec Bekah Edie, danse
en collaboration avec Jean Bresson, équipe Representations Musicales et Emmanuel Flety

"As a part of the musical research residency at IRCAM for Fall 2014, composer John MacCallum and choreographer Teoma Naccarato are engaged in early research and development for an evening-length production. In this performance with 12 dancers and 12 musicians, ECG data from the dancers is used as an underlying clock for each musician, in order to inform a poly-temporal composition for live ensemble with electronics.

This lecture demonstration will discuss the design of a facile choreographic and compositional environment for real-time interaction with biosensors, as well as questions regarding internal and external perception and interaction. MacCallum and Naccarato will outline ongoing technical and performance-based experiments that integrate biosensors with breath, movement, and environmental stimuli to intervene in and transform in their collaborative creative process.

The session will also feature a short performance study for dancer Bekah Edie with live electronics, which explores correlations between cardiac, respiratory, and nervous activity, in order to impact intentional arcs in heart activity - and therefore musical tempo - over time."