• Georges Aperghis (compositeur, mise en scène)
  • Nicolas Donin (auteur)
  • Benoît Martin (réalisation)

Images of a Work #13: Luna Park by Georges Aperghis

What if the infrastructure of our everyday video-surveillance went awry? Channels reversed, irregular images, static on the line? What could have been a political project becomes, in Aperghis’ œuvre, a theatrical situation to be explored, a unique arrangement of images, of gestures and sounds to be invented: a Luna Park. In this work we find eminently contemporary worries and a renewal with the archetypes of experimental musical theater by Aperghis and his collaborators from the 1970s. To fully understand this work, you can follow the different steps of the creation of the performance, discover the experiments carried out in the studio, and take a look at a few of Aperghis’ major performances…

A documentary written and produced by Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin

An IRCAM - Centre Pompidou coproduction. First Screening: June 8, 2011 © IRCAM

Images d'une œuvre n° 13 : Luna Park de Georges Aperghis

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