Séminaire / Conférence
  • Sophie Bertrand (modérateur)
  • Florent Aziosmanoff (conférencier)
  • Albertine Meunier (conférencier)
  • Joachim Montessuis (conférencier)
  • Karl Pineau (conférencier)

Beginning with these multifaceted objects, what will our idea of a collection become? Beginning with a universe supposedly organized by an order that is that of publishing and libraries, digital technology disturbs structural logics by creating categories produced by amateurs, revealing networked structures, imposing non-academic frameworks. This is an evolution for the profession of heritage curator or librarian, but also an unintended use of heritage. Forming/deforming/reforming the corpus is an academic exercise but also an act of creation in which visualization becomes determinant for the exploration and representation of collections.

Humanités numériques : coder et décoder la connaissance

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