• Juan Manuel Abras Contel (conférencier)

‘Diálogos franciscano(n)s’, for flute and electronics, is linked to new technologies—like voice and sonic modelling (provided by Ircam Trax v3), audio spatialization, spectral morphing—, musical ekphrasis, numinosity, intertextuality and extended performance techniques. The piece is an artistic transmedialization of a stained glass made by Frère Éric for the Eglise romane de Taizé (France) depicting St. Francis of Assisi surrounded by six birds. The listener seems to hear how 6 different sound sources (representing birds) appear at 4 equidistant spots (representing trees) and start emitting signals from the periphery to the center, where the flutist (representing St. Francis) is located, while rotating counterclockwise at constant speed and transforming themselves into children’s voices (representing angels), just before the birds seem to take off rapidly. The flutist rotates almost constantly over his/her vertical axis to follow the apparition of the mentioned sound sources and answer to each of the emitted bird songs with his/her flute by playing in a somehow canonical way (hence the title) their corresponding transcriptions, which are connected by passages characterized by the use of extended performance techniques.

Ateliers du forum, jour 3

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