• Il-Ryun Chung (conférencier)
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Introducing three representative works of the repertoire of the ensemble this talk will highlight the possibilities of this unique combination of instruments.
"New music-cultural combinations should evoke a complete new music.“ This is probably the credo of the the work of the AsianArt Ensemble.
In the works Resonance of Rock of Helena Winkelman, The fifth Season II of Keiko Harada and Traumzeit by myself I will introduce three different approaches to merge asian and western instruments together. All three works reached with totally different methods to merge the instruments on a new, neutral space, where terms like asian, western, new music, old music disappear and show new paths to a possible future of the music.

CHUNG Il-Ryun, born 1964 in Frankfurt am Main.
In 1984 he went to Berlin, where he found his first teacher and supporter, Carlo Domeniconi.
From 1989-1995 he studied composition at the Berlin University of Arts (HdK Berlin) with Prof. Jolyon Brettingham-Smith.
A further encounter of great significance was his acquaintance with the Korean master drummer Kim Duk- Soo, who introduced Chung to Korean percussion music and thus made a lasting impression upon Chung's rhythmic perception.
In the year 2001 he co-founded the multi national ensemble IIIZ+ and in 2009 he co-founded the AsianArt Ensemble with instruments from China, Japan, Korea and Europe.
In October 2011 the 80-minutes long work Part of Nature was premiered with great success in the National Theater of Korea in Seoul. In 2013 the work was performed again at the same place.
2011 the AsianArt Ensemble was awarded with the "German Record Critics Award" for their first CD. 2012-2014 he is directing the concert series Gugak Lecture Concerts in the Korean Culture Center in Berlin.
2012-2013 he wrote compositions for ensembles with asian and european instruments, among them GRAVITY for daegeum, sheng, bass koto, and ensemble, commissioned by the ernst von siemens musikstiftung for the festival SOUNDSCAPE EASTASIA.
2014 his epic music theatre KASSANDRA was premiered by the Gayageum Ensemble SAGYE & guests in the National Gugak Center in Seoul.
2016 he was composer in residence of the National Orchestra of Korea.
2017 he directed "Turbulenzen - Festival for actual intercultural music" in the Radialsystem V in Berlin
Since February 2014 he leads the composition/actual music department of the Akademie fuer Tonkunst in Darmstadt.

Séminaire 7 : Notation and Contemporary Repertoire of sheng

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