• Christian Bahier (réalisation)
  • Martin Kaltenecker (auteur)
  • Myriam Gourfink (chorégraphe)
  • Georg Friedrich Haas (compositeur)

Les Temps tiraillés is the fruit of a meeting between a choreographic score and a work written for two violas, a bassoon, and electronics. Two artists working on slowness, on stretching, on depth — that of the body and that of sound. The music is inspired by the persona of the glissando, pushed to the extreme; dance pushed to an infinite slowness of movement.
This film documents the meeting of two affinities — our perception seeks out the micro-intervals of movements, it follows the sound that is just barely balanced, trembling like a tense muscle — and the meeting of two particularly sophisticated autonomous logics. The musicians interact directly with the electronic events; the dancers react to the signs projected on the screens that create a cupola overhead.

Images d'une œuvre n° 6 : Les Temps tiraillés de Myriam Gourfink et Georg Friedrich Haas

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