Séminaire / Conférence
  • Ryan Ross Smith (conférencier)

The development, formalization, codification, and maintenance of common practice notation [CPN] demonstrates a parallel yet intertwined tract to the evolution of musical thought and practice, and while CPN is not the only Western notational approach in existence, it is dominant. Following in line with the various revisions to and extensions of CPN, a new form of niche-notation has been increasing in visibility over the last 15 years: Animated Music Notation [AMN]. Certain trends in contemporary animated scoring practices demonstrate a dismantling of the normative expectations of the score-performer relationship. Namely, that choice, and its trappings (the interpretive expectations placed on performers for example), are discarded in favor of control structures that democratize musical participation, while encouraging, if not requiring, a curiously submissive relationship to the score’s ephemeral dominance. Furthermore, these methods of representation tend to encourage certain compositional ideals beyond those embedded within traditionally-dominant notational models.

A Symposium on Notation for New Instruments and Musical Expression

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