• Geof Holbrook (conférencier)
  • Anne-Elisabeth DeCologne (contrebasse)

L'objectif de ce projet est de construire un environnement de composition intégré, permettant la visualisation et la manipulation d'une procédure générative multi-processus.
Ces outils sont intégrés à l'environnement OpenMusic

OM-Darwin is an OpenMusic library for composing with genetic algorithms. The focus is on flexibility, such that the composer can freely combine patches that generate musical material from a set of parameters, and patches that measure the suitability of potential solutions. On the generative side, the library offers a collection of built-in musical objects, as well as an intuitive system for designing customized constructs. It also implements a rule-based system familiar to users of constraint-solving systems, which can be used in conjunction with user-defined measuring functions. Multiple genetic algorithms can run in parallel inside a maquette, and will interact with each other based on their temporal relationships. This presentation will include a live performance by Anne-Elisabeth DeCologne of excerpts of a new work for contrabass and electronics, with a demonstration of the patches used to create the piece.