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Séminaire / Conférence
  • Emmanuel Mahé (modérateur)
  • Natasha Barrett (compositeur, conférencier)
  • Marc Downie (conférencier)
  • Driessens & Verstappen (conférencier)
  • Jean-Louis Giavitto (conférencier)
  • Olga Kisseleva (conférencier)
  • Nicolas Maigret (conférencier)
  • Maria Roszkowska (conférencier)
  • Sébastien Noël (conférencier)

The digital discretization of space based on pixels and voxels has led to a critical examination and radial modernism that opens a huge field for research and artistic expression, blurring scales and reorganizing forms from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely large. Digital creations materialize in an immersive space; equipped with interactive controls, they question the representation and writing of space and time, in both their visual and sonic components.

Coder le monde 2

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