Séminaire / Conférence
  • Henrik Hahn (conférencier)
  • Norbert Schnell (conférencier)

Henrik HAHN de l'équipe Analyse et synthèse des sons, et Norbert SCHNELL de l'équipe Interactions Musicales Temps Réel, présentent :

"Sample Orchestrator 2 Spectral Envelope Models"

In this talk we present a new technique for sample-based sound synthesis developed in the framework of the SampleOrchestrator2 project.

The approach comprises the analysis of sounds of an instrument sound database, a parameter estimation for an instrument model, and a sound synthesis applying the model on the analyzed sounds. The analysis of the sounds is carried out by the decomposition of each sound into a sinusoidal and noise component and extracting a set of control parameters from both. The components are modeled using an extended source-filter model, whereas the harmonic component will be represented by a non-white source and a resonator filter and the noise component by a single filter. Model parameters are represented by means of weights of tensor product B-splines (basic-splines) covering the instruments sound characteristics over its full pitch range, global intensities and the sounds temporal evolution. This structured sound representation allows for expressive natural instrument sound manipulations.

We will conclude the talk with the presentation of an implementation of the model for Max/MSP within a sampler-like application that re-synthesizes and transforms notes using SuperVP.