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  • Karolina Kotnour (conférencier)

Within this project, I aim to define a mutual synthesis of sound and position of the borderlines in space. Space, as well as word, has its own shape, meaning, and wording. How it affects our perception of architecture acoustic experience space? What is the relationship between sound and vision and how the brain interprets multidimensional space? As the sound spectrum affects brain activity and spatial perception, such as in the audible frequency range based on the physiological structures of the auditory organ of a living organism?
The main purpose of this project is the implementation of a structure that on the basis of this interaction creates a spatial envelope / the veil / that is changing in time and space, resulting in parallel. This creates elastic / fluid / structure of matter and the sound reflecting itself. This situation is modeled on the basis of information obtained from sensors located in space and on the basis of sensory evaluation of human auditory perception in such space. The realization of this structure will be preceded by testing and visualization of such structures in interactive virtual reality using 3D and 4D programs like Rhino, Grasshopper, Max7/MSP for Ableton Live which allows creative representation of a sound as a shape in a common space.
Summary of fundamental objectives:
Visualization of human sensory perception of an environment in a relation to the architecture forms.
Specifics of psychoacoustic space and visualization of the reality and inner structure of reality.
Possibilities and contexts of subjective visualization of sound in art and subjective graphical score for musical compositions. All objectives will be evaluated in bending details of a designing structure of “The Vail.”

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