• WAC - 1st Web Audio Conference
  • Jan. 27, 2015
  • Ircam, Paris
  • Program note: WAC
  • Mark Boas (conférencier)

Audio is often placed on the Internet without much thought about how it can be found, searched, shared, navigated and generally deconstructed. Hyperaudio weaves audio into the very fabric of the web. By transcribing the spoken parts of audio and assigning timings to each an every word we allow people to navigate, search and share in naturally and accurately manner. Uniquely Hyperaudio allows people to intuitively edit audiovisual content from its transcript. Editing media content with Hyperaudio is as easy as editing a text document.

The Hyperaud.io service allows people to link, to transcribe and align media, and then remix it with the Hyperaudio Pad - augmenting excerpts of audio and video with effects and music. We're currently working with libraries and schools and using Hyperaudio to foster media literacy in a new generation. In order to create hyperaud.io we built an API, a series of decoupled tools and our MIT licensed JavaScript Library - Hyperaudio.js - which anyone can use to open up their audio.


WAC - 1st Web Audio Conference Jour 2

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