Séminaire / Conférence
  • Moreno Andreatta (conférencier)
  • Emmanuel Cyriaque (conférencier)
  • Camille Lenglois (conférencier)
  • Frédéric Migayrou (conférencier)
  • Olivier Zeitoun (conférencier)

By its curators:Frédéric Migayrou, curator, Camille Lenglois, assistant curator and the timeline supervisors: Moreno Andreatta, music timeline supervisor, Emmanuel Cyriaque, litterature timeline supervisor, Olivier Zeitoun, dance timeline supervisor.

Presented as a part of “Mutations/Créations 2”, an event at the crossroads of several disciplines—music, architecture, design, and speech—the exhibition "Coder le monde" (Coding the World) weaves together connections among the arts and reveals common points connected to the development of digital technologies, to the evolution of programming languages, and to the expansion of networks. The exhibition reveals a common aesthetic and decisive universe that questions our daily lives, completely inundated with digital logics. Spread out over the 500 square-meters of the Centre Pompidou’s Galerie 4, the exhibition is organized in 6 specific sections: the history of code, the Algorists (an international group of visual artists from 1955 to 1975), music and code, digital literature, digital conception for architectural and industrial design, the body and code.

Coder le monde 2

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