• Gabriele Rossi Rognoni (conférencier)

Museum curatorship is an interdisciplinary business by definition requiring the combination of specific knowledge about objects, the context of their creation, their conservation and management. Moreover, over the past two decades an increasing emphasis has been put on the ability of storytelling, visitors’ engagement and active expansion, both in person and on-line, adding the requirement to understand social sciences as well as the digital world and much more.
The expansion of scope of ‘curating’ and the level of interdisciplinarity that it entails is happening in parallel, rather than as a consequence, to an effort to define and consolidate the role of Music Curators and transform it into a recognised discipline.
The paper, largely built on personal experience over the past twenty years, presents an overview of the challenges and current issues in balancing the creation of a disciplinary identity, with the potential of interdisciplinarity that is integral with the profession.

Jean-Claude Risset : Interdisciplinarités - jour 2

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