• Rama Gottfried (conférencier)

With the many advancements of computational rendering techniques, artists now have access to a vast number of parameters within their palette of materials. Motors, fog machines, projectors, camera lens apertures, digital signal processing, and massive multichannel speakers systems rendering hundreds of virtual sound sources moving through 3D space are all controllable from MaxMSP in realtime.

What tools do we need to symbolically notate and compose for these technologies? The majority of computer performed systems are authored as breakpoint functions, or text-based scores like cue-lists, or simply as code which notates the value of control parameters rather than their perceptual results. Similarly, how should we notate for human interpreters performing with new kinds of instruments?

My current residency explores these questions, and works to create a flexible platform for user-defined symbolic notation systems capable of controlling computer rendering processes and representing gestural performance techniques. With this platform, the projects aims to stimulate the development of new notation for computer systems, which could be applied in mediums ranging from digital signal processing to spatial audio, video, dance, scenography, and mechatronic arts; and to provide a literary medium for documenting compositional practice in works for digital media.