• Andrew Hugill (conférencier)

This paper explores the theoretical and practical aspects of establishing transdisciplinary entities in universities. It draws upon Professor Andrew Hugill’s experience of founding and directing large entities such as the Institute Of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University and the Centre for Creative Computing at Bath Spa University. It examines structural, linguistic, financial and cultural challenges, such as: research and enterprise funding; engaging with new technologies; interdisciplinary courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level; ‘silo’ mentality and structural rigidity in universities; the value and practice of transdisciplinary research; the problem of disciplinary jargon; and several other related matters. Since Hugill is himself a composer and Professor of Music, it also discusses what it is about musicians that makes them so well suited to cross-disciplinary working.

Jean-Claude Risset : Interdisciplinarités - jour 2

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