• Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis (conférencier)

“Balaenoptera”, for Bass Clarinet, electronic sounds and live-electronics is a work premiered on 26th of May 2015, in ISSM “P. Mascagni” in Leghorn. It was inspired by a real episode: a whale beached south of Leghorn some years before. Sound material is from whale and bass clarinet sounds. This presentation is mainly focused on the use of OpenMusic and some its libraries (OM-Spat, OM-SuperVP, OM-Chant, OMChroma) to generate and spatialize sounds. All this has made it possible to unify processes and materials, both for instrumental and electronic part. It is given a concise description about some form and composition techniques in Balaenoptera, too, at least for the features interested in Algorithmic Composition.

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Balaenoptera 20:02