• Garth Paine (compositeur, conférencier)

Future Perfect will be a concert performance using smart phone virtual reality technologies and ambisonic/ WaveField sound diffusion.Future Perfect explores the seam between virtual reality as a documentation format for environmental research and archiving nature, combining the thoughts that:

1) ‘nature’ as we know it may, in the near future, only exist in virtual reality archives, and the

2) notion of the virtual, a hyper-real imaginative world contained by a technological mediation can be presented to individual as a personal experience.

The Future Perfect performance will not have a fixed Point of View. interactive crowd mapping using smart phone beacons will generate personal journeys through the work and determine each audience members own viewing and listening perspectives. The work will draw on the deep expertise at IRCAM in WaveField Synthesis techniques, which through the smart phone tracking will allow sonic objects to be attached to and follow people within the concert space. HOA ambisonics will use SPAT to creat an immersive sound field immersion. Smart Phone tracking will allow the tracking of people within the concert space, using flocking and spatial spread to drive interactive musical and animation parameters.

The work will be made from 360 VR footage shot by Paine in nature preserves in Paris and Karlsruhe, blended with procedural animations, derived from plant images and HOA record gins made by the composer at the same location. Participants will be able to walk freely through the space, with vector lines being drawn between people subject to proximity and vectors of movement. Other individuals will be indicated in the VR space as outlines to make movement safe and to help develop a collective consciousness

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