• WAC - 1st Web Audio Conference
  • Jan. 26, 2015
  • Ircam, Paris
  • Program note: WAC
  • Jari Kleimola (conférencier)

This study considers the issue of providing an individual listening experience for binaural sound reproduction in web browsers via headphones. The proposed solution aims at building a web framework with Web Audio API, giving support to the download of head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) associated with listener's personal profile from a server and the synchronization between the listener's devices. With each playback device and listener, the individual headphone equalization filters will be computed from headphone transfer functions (HpTFs) stored on the server. At server side, we propose to store the HRTFs and HpTFs in spatially oriented format for acoustics (SOFA). At client-side, we propose to convert the data to a new structure (WAV) ensuring a compatible solution with existing Web Audio API implementations. A binaural rendering implementation in JavaScript acting as a proof-of-concept reveals critical issues related to the native implementation in web browsers.

WAC - 1st Web Audio Conference Jour 1

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