• Øyvind Brandtsegg (conférencier)

The project explores cross-adaptive processing as a drastic intervention in the modes of communication between performing musicians. Digital audio analysis methods are used to let features of one sound modulate the electronic processing of another. This allows one performer’s musical expression on his/her instrument to influence radical changes to another performer’s sound. This action affects the performance conditions for both musicians. The project method is based on iterative practical experimentation sessions. Development of processing tools and composition of interaction mappings are refined on each iteration, and different performative strategies explored. All documentation and software is available online as open source and open access.
The project is run by the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Music Technology, Trondheim. Collaboration partners at De Montfort University, Maynooth University, Queen Mary University of London, Norwegian Music Academy, University of California San Diego, and a range of fine freelance music performers.
The presentation will look at key findings, artistic and technical issues, and future potential.

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