• WAC - 1st Web Audio Conference
  • Jan. 26, 2015
  • Ircam, Paris
  • Program note: WAC
  • Chinmay Pendharkar (conférencier)

At Sonoport, we ported our Dynamic Sound Engine from Adobe's Flash technology to Web Audio API. The difference in approaches to threading, scheduling, and parameters between Flash and Web Audio API created a few challenges for us. These differences and some peculiarities of the Web Audio API required workarounds to be able to implement our Dynamic Sound Engine in Web Audio API. In this paper we discuss three of these workarounds dealing with creating parameters, scheduling operations, and playback position of buffers, and explain how these work-arounds, although not optimal solutions, allowed us to support our use cases. Finally, we consider how the upcoming AudioWorker change in the Web Audio API specification is expected to impact these workarounds.

WAC - 1st Web Audio Conference Jour 1

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