Contenus numériques consultables dans leur intégralité au sein de la Médiathèque de l'Ircam

Œuvre de
  • Jialin Liu (compositeur)
  • Jacques Murat (trombone)
  • Mikhaïl Malt (encadrement pédagogique Ircam)
  • Hae-Sun Kang (encadrement pédagogique Cnsmdp)
  • Thierry De Mey (compositeur associé au cursus)
  • Jialin Liu (réalisateur informatique musicale)

shh ... you’re in the tower I built you est la deuxième pièce d’un cycle fondé sur le concept de l’architecture acoustique réalisée par la technique de modélisation physique.

Shh ... you’re in the tower I built you.
The stone of the mortal world was destroyed in flames.
The echoes weave a cobweb of data, leaving a frozen, lifeless, and eternal tower.
You know the fragility of the stone, don’t you?
Follow me, or, become entranced by the digital frozen crystal and get lost in the chromatic winding staircase.
Trace the glistening light shining from the seemingly infinite tower and the brilliance obscured by the flaws in the ice wall.
You may touch the vibrations that belong to the last remaining reverb of the chant in the sea of fire.
I captured every reflection produced by this reverb, and buried it in my stolen matrix.
You can already see the fragility of the stone, but what about the cobweb of data?
At the moment you reach the top, you will understand the essence behind the building and rebuilding of the tower — unless you pretend to be blind, and become numb to the blaze that surrounds the melting data of the ice tower.
or you pretend to be amnesiac, and forget that you are still snoring in your blissful Lilliputian shell, under the blockade of a trombone’s bell.
Vibrate ...
Resonate ...
Tremble ...
Circle ...
You’re in the tower I built you.
Jialin Liu

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