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  • March 22, 2024
  • Ircam, Paris
  • Martin Heinze

The second prize of 1000 euros is awarded to Martin Heinze for his achievements in the field of generative music, by an international jury composed of Agoria, Greg Beller, Berrak Nil Boya, Andrea Faroppa, Georg Hajdu, Holly Herndon, Philippe Langlois, Frank Madlener, Miller Puckette and Anna Xambó, at the first edition of the generative music prize, organized by the IRCAM forum.

Fibonacci Jungle. A generative framework for Jungle and Drum & Bass based on the Fibonacci number sequence.
While singular generative techniques have already become an established part of the creative process in music writing, holistic approaches to generative music production in traditional electronic dance music genres yet seem under-represented both in theory and practice. Fibonacci Jungle provides a simple to use generative framework for Jungle and Drum & Bass built on the Fibonacci number sequence as structural alternative to conventional meters and track build-up. This framework is implemented in Pure Data; it uses probability and randomization within a pre defined set of genre typical parameter settings (tempo, harmonics, sample selection). Fibonacci Jungle allows creating stand alone tracks in a Jungle and Drum & Bass aesthetics with only a few clicks and can be individually customized.

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